Ready, Set, Sweat: GAIN 4.0 is Here!

We’re excited to push out another HUGE release: GAIN Fitness 4.0 (on iOS). Our guided workout experience is better than ever with three new features:

1. Workout Shares Ever come across a workout and think, “Hey, that would be perfect for so-and-so.” Well, we just made it drop-dead easy to customize and swap workouts with all your friends — via email, text message or Tweet — regardless of their mobile devices (Androiders: we’re lookin’ at you). Our new “Remix” and “Share” features work in tandem to empower your workout sharing. A simple “Edit” button allows you to tweak and design workouts for friends (or trainees). You can add/delete exercises, incorporate circuits, and change sets, reps or rest times. Then choose your share channel and let ‘er rip!

We created a beautiful, interactive workout overview that works across all mobile devices and is useful even before you’ve downloaded the App. Whether it’s a gift or a wakeup call, the more you share, the more fit everyone becomes. It’s a win-win!

2. Workout History  We’ve captured a vast amount of workout data over the past year. But we hadn’t established a clear and simple way to show you all your workout data…until now. Your workout logs will now present as read-only overviews on the “Insights” tab. AKA, you’ll be able to look back at the history of all the workouts you’ve done, the days you did them, and whether or not you hit your rep goals. It’s a great way to keep tabs on your old self. Viva la data!

3. Audio Commands (GAIN Strength)  We’re constantly looking for ways to improve UX and make GAIN easier on both the eyes and brain. We’ve found that, the fewer times you interact with your mobile device, the smoother your workout goes. This holds true whether you’re pulling your iPhone out of your pocket, cocking your head to check your armband, or unsheathing your device from your hip holster (hey, everybody’s got their own style). Our solution: audio commands. We’ve beefed up the audio instruction in “GAIN Strength” (our versatile, freebie version), so the app now calls out sets and reps, rest times, and a host of other cues that rally you through your workout. This makes for a much more hands-free experience. And of course, these commands play nicely with iTunes, ducking your songs gently so you stay in the groove while you get your fit on.

Bonus: We also updated and optimized all our screens for the longer and sharper resolution of iPhone 5 devices.

5 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Sweat: GAIN 4.0 is Here!

  1. Great post! I love GAIN 4.0!

  2. android app? when are you gonna make one? 🙂

  3. I am glad I went to this site, these are great ideas you suggested. I belong to a few Article, but someone I never thought or heard of. I will join some of what you suggested. Thanks.

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