WOD Unboxed launches on GAIN Fitness; new Pocket Mode feature enables kinetic data input without removing phone from your pocket.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—(April 12, 2013)—GAIN Fitness, the ultimate mobile personal trainer app platform, has announced the release of WOD Unboxed, an iPhone app created in partnership with certified CrossFit trainer Ranier Gadduang, to customize workouts and guide exercisers through interactive workout experiences.

This is a two part announcement highlighting a couple major launches expected to go live in App Store on Friday, April 12, 2013. One is a new app, WOD Unboxed; the other is a big new feature called “Pocket Mode” that makes tracking your training easier than ever.

All features and digital trainers are also accesible in our all-in-one app, GAIN Cross Trainer.


Part I: “WOD Unboxed” – The New App

At GAIN, we strive to bring the most cutting-edge, fun and effective training programs to the hands (and pockets) of our exercisers. And the most groundbreaking thing in fitness right now is high-intensity, highly varied, functional exercise.

Then we tried it—the GAIN team got our hands dirty with a private class led by our friend and certified CrossFit trainer Ranier Gadduang. We loved it, and quickly came to understand that there is method to the madness, and that high-intensity, highly varied, functional exercise. can be adapted to make fitness both more fun and effective for almost anyone.

What Makes This App Awesome

At its heart, WOD Unboxed is a gamified approach to fitness—a fun, varied, efficient way to work out, a system of competitive social dynamics, and a collection of great exercises fused together with protocols that will push you beyond your comfort zones.

This style of training is guided by 3 key principles:

  1. Constantly Varied
  2. High Intensity
  3. Functional Movements

Squat Snatch

It employs exercises from traditional disciplines of Gymnastics, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting and cardio conditioning, and combines them to prevent a sole focus on any one particular fitness quality. Power development, for example, might be mixed with cardio conditioning. Or strength may be mixed with balance and coordination. Some WOD Unboxed workouts mix everything together.

The movements used in WOD Unboxed are inherently safe and “functional” (although some exercises are technically complex and/or ballistic in nature, making them easy to get wrong without proper form development).

Each day, an exerciser is challenged with a new Workout of the Day—aka “WOD.” These diverse, seemingly randomized workouts very rarely present the same challenge. The sheer variety and challenge of WODs mean that your body will be constantly adapting. This results in a very intense fitness practice that elevates your well-rounded fitness to new heights.

Then there’s the scoring system, which forces a very public reporting of your WOD score on a whiteboard. Not for the faint of heart, this forces a competitive mechanic and builds a strong sense of community.

WOD Score

On the surface, high-intensity, highly varied, functional exercise. s not for everyone. The intimidation factor of reporting your score on the whiteboard is enough to scare many newcomers away.  Joining a gym also isn’t cheap, and even though some specialized gyms (referred to as “Boxes” for their gritty, bare bones feel) are sprouting up like weeds, there are still only a few thousand of these specialized training centers in the U.S.—not exactly in everyone’s backyard.

What Makes the App Awesome

Our new WOD Unboxed app solves both of these problems. Our software’s ability to custom-tailor workouts to your time, equipment, and fitness level means that newcomers can use  training methods with basic bodyweight exercises like push-ups, sit-ups and burpees, where risk of injury is low.

And with the app on your iPhone, you essentially get a digital  coach to carry along wherever you go, allowing you to do at your local Box, a standard gym or even at home.

The complex mechanics of this dynamic training style were what made WOD Unboxed such a fun challenge to develop. We dove in deep to understand high-intensity, highly varied, functional exercise, and worked closely with Coach Ranier to adapt the programming and competitive elements into the infrastructure and user experience of our app platform. We wanted the WOD Unboxed mobile app experience to mimic as closely as possible a trainer-led session.

Flow Mode 2

And we’re not done yet. We’re hard at work bringing more of the “coopetition” group dynamic that dedicated exercisers love to the app.  Stay tuned!

If you haven’t tried high-intensity, highly varied, functional exercise yet for any reason, now is the time to give it a go. And if you’re an experienced exerciser who has ever missed a class due to travel, schedule conflicts or whatever else, consider this app a way to double-down on your WOD consistency.

Part II: Weight Tracking Finds its Flow with “Pocket Mode” 

As part of the WOD Unboxed app launch, we’re unleashing a new feature called “Pocket Mode” that will change how GAINsters interact with their iPhones to track their training.

If you work out with your phone in pocket (the most common use case when tracking your training at the gym), you’re going to love Pocket Mode. When you finish an exercise, you can quickly “Double Pat” the phone (two light slaps in quick succession) to tell the app that you’re ready for the next exercise — without taking the phone out of your pocket!

This feature uses the iPhone’s motion-sensing capabilities, analyzing the motion patterns to determine whether the motion is a Double Pat and not just exercise motion. We spent weeks tweaking the variables of motion detection to get this feature to work just right. It’s already very good at distinguishing real Double Pats from false positives, but can likely still be improved. We’re looking forward to collecting user feedback once this feature out in the wild, so don’t hesitate to send us feedback:

Pocket Mode also gives you a second way to communicate with the app while it’s in your pocket: Vertical Swipe.  Just reach into your pocket and  swipe your finger upward on the screen’s surface to confirm exercise completion.

Pocket Mode Tutorial

At first, Pocket Mode will only be available for WOD Unboxed. Tackling the high-intensity, highly varied, functional exercise experience really drove the creation of Pocket Mode, since the time-driven nature pushes you to transition between exercises as fast as possible. But we plan to soon bring these two new features to other apps in the GAIN Fitness family in order to reduce tracking friction and bring a more continuous “flow state” to your various workout experiences!


  1. Android? You know, the largest user base in the world. Arguably with phones as good if not better than Apple’s current iPhone 5 such as the Samsung Galaxy SIV and HTC One. You have a post in the support forums back in August of 2012 that said you were working on it. You seriously need to step up your game on this app for Android. Apple’s iPhone is not the only great phone to develop anymore.

  2. Love the app! Always looking for new Crossfit workouts and love the tutorials! Great job!

  3. OK you guys I use the Cross Trainer all-in-one iPhone app. LOVE the app! But what is the difference between the $9.99 WOD Unboxed 60 exercise in-app purchase and the $30.99 Trainer with 7 Pack Bundle 81 exercise in-app purchase besides the number of exercises? Are the exercises in the 7 Pack bundle CrossFit exercises? And maybe most importantly, is there any overlap between the two purchase options?

    • Hi John – All the Expansion Packs have different, non overlapping, CrossFit exercises. If you buy the complete set, there are about 140 unique exercises in all. Combined with our dynamic workout generator and the workout editing options, this will allow you to create some extremely diverse CrossFit style workouts. You’ll never get bored!

      • Thanks for the quick reply! Good to know! FYI, this info could be made a bit more clear in the app. 😉

  4. Wow! great entry which I intend to have. Apple’s iPhone is the great for being advancement as well

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