GAINster Spotlight: Lisa Woodcock, 23


“I love that the apps are easy to use and talk me through my workouts just like a personal trainer would.”  

What advice would you give someone else just starting out with a fitness goal — especially those who just downloaded a GAIN Fitness app?

I would tell someone who is just starting their fitness journey that it isn’t going to be easy, but it is so worth it.  Before I got a handle on what my fitness goals were, I had many setbacks.  The GAIN Fitness apps really helped me set my goals and helped hold me accountable. When I first downloaded the Cross Trainer app, I started a 4-week plan.  It helped get me started and into the habit of working out. Eventually I started to use the app to create my own workouts as well.

The key for me was to set minor goals for myself.  I knew that if I set a huge goal and didn’t reach it I would get discouraged, and when I first started my journey I did just that. I learned that the smaller goals were more important and would eventually lead to me reaching my bigger fitness goals.

What do you like about the GAIN app(s)? Which ones do you use?

I love that the apps are easy to use and talk me through my workouts just like a personal trainer would. I use the GAIN Strength and GAIN Yoga apps. I like that I am able to work out in the comfort of my home and still get a great workout that I would get in the gym with a personal trainer. I also like that I can choose the length of the workout so it doesn’t matter if I only have time for a 15 minute workout or I can do a whole hour.

What was it that really got you going on this fitness journey?

It was one event that really got me to realize that I needed to make changes to my lifestyle.  My husband and I had just gotten back from a mini-vacation to Niagara Falls over Christmas 2011 and when we returned I was going through the photographs that were taken and I was horrified at how I looked.  I was not healthy and was not happy with the person I had become.  It was at that moment I decided I needed to make permanent lifestyle changes.  My husband was and still is my biggest motivation.

How do you hold yourself accountable? Do you schedule your workouts?

I used to just work out when I felt like it, but frankly that wasn’t very often. When I downloaded GAIN Fitness, I created a plan and that helped hold me accountable, because I hated seeing that red mark on my streak when I missed a workout. In January 2013 I also created an Instagram account just to track my journey.  Knowing that I was inspiring other people with their journey made me want to stick with mine.

Do you tend to workout independently or with others?

I used to workout alone. However, eventually my husband began working out with me.  It was great motivation seeing him making changes to his lifestyle and having him there to push me when I wanted to throw in the towel.

How did you discover GAIN?

It was actually my husband who came across a GAIN Fitness app first and he immediately told me I needed to download it.  He knew I used to hate working out in a gym because I did not like people watching me workout.  With this app, I am able to get a great workout in the comfort of my own home and now that I am more comfortable working out in the gym I can use it there as well!

Can you share your starting weight and any other fitness stats compared to where you are now?

When I first started my journey in January 2012 I weighed 220 pounds.  My waist was 43 inches, my bust 45 inches and my hips also 45 inches. I currently weigh 166 pounds and my waist is 36 inches, my bust 37.5 and my hips are 38 inches. I used to be a size 14 and am now a size 9.

I absolutely love this app!

You can follow Lisa on instagram at @lisa_journey_.

3 thoughts on “GAINster Spotlight: Lisa Woodcock, 23

  1. So very proud of you Lisa!

  2. OMG!! Lisa!! WAY TO GO!! You look amazing!! So very proud of you xoxoxo

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