GAINster Spotlight: Michelle Grace, 33


“I decided to teach myself yoga via an app in the comfort of my own home. With GAIN Fitness, I can now proudly say that yoga completes my day, every day.” – Michelle Grace, GAIN Fitness user

Which of the GAIN apps do you use? 

Butterfly Yoga. I like the granular customizations to enable an assortment of workouts. I also appreciate the clear voice guidance paired with images so it feels like there is a real instructor working with me. The results presented at the end showing workout data and calories burned keeps motivation up, along with the history graph to track progress. You can make a difference even if you only have 15-20 minutes to spare.

What was it that initially got you into Butterfly Yoga?

My boyfriend’s commented on positive physical and mental benefits from being challenged through yoga. It became my motivation to also experience the empowerment of those effects and bring balance to my day, yet I didn’t have access to an offical class. I decided to be disciplined enough to teach myself yoga via an app in the comfort of my own home. Choosing GAIN Fitness was a no-brainer based on stellar reviews and loads of options. There’s something for everybody at every experience level. With GAIN Fitness, I can now proudly say that yoga completes my day, every day.

Yoga everyday — that sounds like a nice way to live! At GAIN, we believe fitness is about the many different kinds of positive benefits you from working out. What do you personally gain from being fit? 

Not only do I gain physical strength and flexibility but I also gain mental clarity and awareness after each session, making me feel strong and sharp throughout. Challenging myself is a gratifying feeling that only comes from applying an honest effort – so I do my best to make every session count! Two months in, I already feel my posture and mental focus have improved, which helps me through demanding workdays. My core muscles feel more purposeful (and defined) and my boyfriend notices the improved tone in my shoulders.  I must be doing something right! And if so, I am dedicated to achieving that experience every day. The results are euphoric! I’ve never felt stronger in my life.

What advice would you give someone else just starting out with a fitness goal — especially those who just downloaded the app?

There’s nothing wrong with starting off small and slow. Once you get the hang of things, gradually increase time and effort as comfort allows. Keep positive and know that you are one workout closer to better health and your “fighting weight”, which is incentive to look and feel your best. Look forward to each session and the rewarding results. Soon it will change from something you HAVE to do and become something you WANT to do.  P.S. The responsiveness and encouraging support from GAIN’s Twitter feed further sweetens the deal. 🙂


One thought on “GAINster Spotlight: Michelle Grace, 33

  1. It’s a great app, but I’d like to ask the development team to slow down and focus more on quality rather than quantity. For example, I found that many of the poses in the Butterfly Yoga and Method Yoga packs are lacking in instructions. As a yoga instructor (RYT200), I would not advice a complete beginner to try GAIN Fitness. I would say it’s for people who already know the correct technique and alignment for each pose, because such details are often lacking in this app. Also, there is some off timing in the voiceover audio transitions.

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