Web Users Rejoice: 8 GAIN Trainers Now Available on the Web!

Users can now purchase GAIN’s “digital trainers”—ranging from Pilates to interval training to bodybuilding—on gainfitness.com; trainers purchased on the web will be auto-synced to mobile and can be used to train on either smartphone or desktop.

Previously, our amazing suite of GAIN trainer apps have only been available in mobile form (as iPhone apps).  Beginning today, eight of these fully customizable, content-driven programs and workout experiences are available for purchase or free download on our website, gainfitness.com. Prices range from $7-13 for digital trainers and $3-7 for content expansion packs, while some trainer downloads are completely free.


We’re excited to launch digital trainers on the web for three main reasons:

  1. Not everyone has an iPhone
  2. It’s now easier to workout anywhere (home, hotel or office)
  3. “It just works”

Not everyone has an iPhone

We get that not everyone has an iPhone or iOS device. We hear from (sometimes angry, threatening) Android owners nearly every day. We feel your pain.

As a company, we obviously want to make our products available to as many people across as many devices as possible, but that’s often not possible for a small, scrappy startup with limited resources. We have to focus our development efforts, and hone our expertise, in order to survive and thrive.

Almost everyone has access the web at least some of the time. So we’re inviting all audiences with Internet access to try out and train with the unique and awesome workout experiences that are Method Yoga, COREwheels, Road Warrior and others.

The brains (customizable workout programs) and brawn (audio-visual instruction) for each of these digital trainers were created by our brilliant, multi-talented, real-life trainer partners, including:

  • Pattie Stafford
  • Nate Miyaki
  • Reed Taylor
  • Ari Akerstein
  • DH Kiefer

web screen

Initially, two of our trainers are missing from the mix—Basketball Pro by Dr. Marcus Elliot, and WOD Unboxed, by CrossFit Coach Ranier Guadduang. There are some  additional technical difficulties in implementing those, but we’ll get them up and running on the web as soon as possible.

It’s easier to workout anywhere

Part of our mission as a company is to free fitness from constraints and roadblocks—you don’t need a full gym or fancy gadget to get a great workout in (although, if you have those, that’s great too!). Our users work out with their mobile devices in all kinds of places—at home, the office, hotel rooms, even outdoors.

In fact, only 40% of GAIN users workout at the gym, where the mobile form factor is ideal. That leaves the majority working out at home, an office or a hotel room, where access to Internet and a larger computer screen are common. When you have the luxury of more screen real estate and a steady web connection, we want to take full advantage. Now that is possible.

One caveat to note: not all of the audio guidance cues, which are an integral part of the mobile device experience, will be available on the web initially. We felt that, since the web is a much more visually guided experience, the audio component was not as important vis-à-vis the mobile device (which is often tucked away in your pocket during exercise). So let us know what you think, and rest assured that we’re planning to bring the full audio experience to the web ASAP.

“It just works”

We believe working out should fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. And that all the progress you track should be stored in a single, secure place, available anytime you want it, via any device. That’s why any item you purchase on either platform (web or mobile) will always, automatically synchronize with the cloud and be available on all other devices that run GAIN.

That’s a long way of saying, if you buy a digital trainer or expansion pack in one place, “it just works” in all other places.

2 thoughts on “Web Users Rejoice: 8 GAIN Trainers Now Available on the Web!

  1. Hi,

    This is a great news! Finally some update. I think you guys would gain to fix the issues with your already large app to not make frustrated users like me go somewhere else.

    I’ve sent quite a bit of support demand recently without responses…I know you are a great and small team but this is plain disappointing.

    For instance, last year I was promised a timer (for plank etc.) on the GainStrength promise, which made me considered buying the whole pack…but it never came. I was told you were waiting for your voice-over to come back to do it.

    Not to mention the bug that is not fixed in the last version that prevent you from changing the number of exercises at the bottom of the screen (Add Exercise)…

    I know you guys are working as hard as you can and I really love your product so far, I just feel like sometimes fixing bugs before asking your customers to buy new stuff would be great (or leave new comments on iTunes)….

    Thank you for you attention,

    I hope this app will improve soon, that would be a sad waste if not.


  2. Agree with the comment above. Would like to see more quality in both the mobile and web apps. Also would like to see some of the issues I’ve sent via twitter from @dylanrobertson1 during last year be addressed on the web version.

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